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for children aged 6 months to 12 years

Nurturing Young Voices
Shaping Bright Futures

Our occupational therapy services enhance OVERALL DEVELOPMENT. Our skilled therapists work on fine motor skills, sensory processing, oral motor skills, feeding and self-care delays.

Enhancing Development

Occupational Therapy

Our speech therapy services empower EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION. Our team specializes in speech and language disorders, fostering confident expression. Tailored sessions promote progress.

Empowering Communication

 Speech Therapy

SpeechCom Children's Speech Therapy Center (SCSTC) provides PERSONALIZED evaluations and treatment for both SPEECH therapy and OCCUPATIONAL therapy, and language disorders. Our dedicated staff tailors treatments to each client's UNIQUE NEEDS aiming for optimal progress and independence. Sessions are confidentially held in private treatment rooms.

Pediatric Speech and Occupational
Therapy Services

Empowering Young Voices

One Child at a Time

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- Liz W.
My son sees Victoria at the Redondo beach office, and she's been amazing for him. Patient, allows him to be him while helping him, involves his interests in their sessions, etc.

She really pays attention to who he is, what he needs, and I appreciate that. He's improved a ton and he's so sad their sessions are winding down.

My daughter has been going here for about 6 months for speech services and we love it here so far! Everyone here is so nice, but I really want to acknowledge Ms. Chanelle.

I really appreciate all the hard work she's doing with my daughter. She's patient, kind, and really bonds with my daughter.
- Fatima F.


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our comprehensive range of pediatric SPEECH and OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY services, tailored to nurture young voices and support holistic development.

the mission, vision, and values that drive our SCSTC program and how it can benefit your child's development.

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SCSTC's core mission is to provide top-tier pediatric speech and occupational therapy care, fostering confidence and aiding children in reaching critical developmental milestones. We stand by parents as steadfast allies, offering expertise and dedication for brighter futures.


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